Acting with intent

We’re called Intentionality because we believe that we can all make deliberate choices – that we can act with intent – to do things differently. We love organisations, enterprises and individuals that depart from the norm and that tread a different path, tackling systemic social problems and generating social and financial returns for public, not private, profit.

Intentionality is a social enterprise and so puts a social mission at the heart of all it does.

We have intentionally chosen a legal structure, a Community Interest Company (CIC), that commits us to that social mission, to transparency and that locks in our assets for the benefit of the social enterprise community.

Our aims

  • To increase positive social impact for, and through, our clients by increasing their knowledge, improving their practices and growing their confidence in social impact measurement and reporting
  • To support social enterprise start-ups and social enterprise research
  • To engage with and support the social enterprise community
  • To be aware of our environmental impact and be proactive in reducing it

Read more about our social mission and how we bring these aims to life.