Adrian Ashton

After reading business in Cambridge, Adrian worked with one of the top 100 PR consultancies in the UK before taking on various management roles within a wide variety of social enterprises, community organisations and more ‘traditional’ enterprise support bodies.

A member of the SROI Network, accredited Management Coach and Mentor from CMI and graduate of the Social Audit Networks’ masterclass programme, Adrian is active in enterprise support and development. He supports a variety of groups to identify and reflect on the impact they have on their communities through the development of national tool-kits, training, individual consultancy support and networking.

Adrian’s varied experience, along with his knowledge of the changing environment and policy context in which social enterprises operate, has enabled him to deliver highly acclaimed support to local groups and national projects. His expertise in the social enterprise field is recognised by universities, support agencies and international governments, and has led to him being invited to be a guest lecturer and writer on this topic for national and regional publications.

Jess Daggers

Jess has worked with third sector organisations in and around London for several years. She specialises in evaluation and impact measurement, both producing independent evaluation reports and supporting charities and social enterprises to build their internal capacity. Jess holds a Masters degree in research methods from the University of London and is a trained SROI practitioner.

Jess has experience working with a range of clients including small grassroots charities, such as The Otesha Project, the community organising charity Citizens UK, with whom she has been working for over a year, and various social enterprises across numerous sectors including health and youth work. She is also running the evaluation of UnLtd’s Big Venture Challenge.

Jess’ interest in the social economy was sparked by an internship at Eastside Consulting in 2008, and has led to PhD study alongside her consultancy work. She is interested in the politics of the social economy in the UK, and in how social impact measurement is being incorporated into social investment and the wider social economy.

Steven Fox

Steven Fox is the Projects Director at Fox Advising. He has in-depth knowledge of different impact measurement tools and 15 years’ experience of embedding impact measurement into organisations. His undergraduate studies were in Management and in Youth and Community Development and Theology.

He has over 10 years’ experience in the Criminal Justice sector working for a major charity specialising in advising, strategy and national project management. Steven brings to the impact measurement market a commitment to impartiality, innovation in stakeholder engagement and
experience of change management and impact measurement implementation. He is also a member of the Social Return on Investment Network, Social Audit Network and Social Impact Analysts Association.

Recent work includes embedding impact measurement and performance into a government supported charity in Vancouver, Canada and also providing impact measurement training to several housing providers and local authorities in the UK. He has also worked with sports, health, exercise and fitness providers to adopt quality impact measurement and performance management.

Tim Hartley

Tim works with entrepreneurs, public servants and change agents across the UK and overseas, supporting them to build vibrant and meaningful services together. This means more than just doing business as usual, it means building enterprises that create social value. Tim applies design principles and helps to embed beyond profit thinking. Most importantly it means working with people who are prepared to think big, and act accordingly.

Starting his career at PwC, Tim has worked as a professional advisor, critical friend, facilitator and mentor for social enterprises across the UK, South Africa, China and India. He is often involved with early stage start-ups and is deeply familiar with what it takes to support new entrepreneurs and new organisations. Tim is co-founder with Joseph Barnes of ImpactReady.

Rachael Morgan

Rachael has over 5 years of experience working in the field of social impact measurement and performance. With a diverse background in the Private sector
as well as within International Development charities, UK based charities, Social Enterprises and Public Sector institutions, Rachael brings a range of skills to her consultancy experience.

As well as being an ILM trained SROI practitioner, Rachael served on the Board of the Social Return On Investment Network’s UK Council driving forward the strategy and implementation of SROI practices across the UK for 2 years and is a member of the SIAA’s Social Investment Working Group.

Rachael is also a postgraduate doctoral research associate at the Leverhulme Centre for Social Value at the Institute for Development Policy and Management, The University of Manchester. Her research is focused on the theoretical assumptions underpinning the emergence of investing for social impact or value in the context of public sector procurement and private sector tendering. She is undertaking this research alongside her consultancy work in order to remain at the forefront of current trends in this field.

Neil Reeder

Neil is a highly experienced strategist and business modeller. Since studying maths and economics at the London School of Economics, his posts have included senior policy adviser at HM Treasury, team leader on local government efficiency at the Department for Communities and Local Government, and programme leader on public service innovation at the Young Foundation.

Neil has published various articles and reports on social innovation, metrics, social investment and public service productivity, and in addition to his consultancy work conducts research on social value at the LSE. A published poet, Neil enjoys country walks and singing, and is a trustee of both the Poetry Society and Westminster Citizens Advice Bureau.

Hannah McDowall

Hannah’s work in social entrepreneurship and social innovation started in 2001 with a research job evaluating women’s employment in the developing world. Since then she has worked in the UK and internationally delivering and evaluating programmes which address economic, gender, health and social inequalities, and completed a PhD in Fair Trade fashion and craft in 2010. For four years she was senior researcher for UnLtd where she designed, managed and delivered evaluations on social entrepreneurship taking particular responsibility for social entrepreneurship in higher education, peer to peer support models and social innovation for and by older people. Hannah is a highly experienced researcher with particular strengths in qualitative approaches and action learning methodologies.

But that is only half the picture as Hannah is also a storyteller. She trains and coaches people to communicate their social impact through real life stories. A powerful story allows listeners to feel and imagine what happens when good is created, and at the same time reveals the values and commitment of the teller. Because it connects with head and heart it is highly effective in building relationship and trust with stakeholders of all kinds. In the last year, Hannah has supported more than 200 individuals and organisations to craft stories to use in pitches, presentations, conferences and celebrations so that listeners can imagine for themselves the good that is created.