Accountability Lab Impact Report 2014

For the second year running we’ve been privileged to support Accountability Lab, an early stage international organisation that empowers citizens to fight corruption and build accountability. As part of our pro bono work we helped the team at Accountability Lab create their latest Impact Report, which is available to download here.

The 2014 report is a great example of how to listen to stakeholders. By carrying out annual impact surveys of their five key stakeholder groups, Accountability Lab have received valuable feedback and not only shared their learning, but also worked to put the key lessons learned from their 2013 Impact Report into action.

Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of Accountability Lab, said:

“Intentionality has played a crucial role in our impact measurement over the past two years, in everything from design to process, to outputs and lessons learned. Steve and his team have helped us think about how we measure and communicate impact in new ways and have pushed us to be as genuine and innovative as possible.”