End of a year and end of an era…

Hello everyone, this is Steve, founder and Managing Director of Intentionality CIC.  I’m writing to share some big news.

The news is that Intentionality CIC will be closing at the end of this year.

After nearly seven years and having worked with 600 or more social enterprises and charities, and having met, trained, advised or otherwise assisted a few thousand social entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers, staff, volunteers, trustees and more, new things lie ahead…

In short, for quite some time now, I’ve been keen to get back to the ‘frontline’ of social enterprise and social impact, and to ‘practice what I preach’. To that end, I am going to be joining Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT), a homelessness and addictions recovery charity in east London, as Chief Executive in January. While I was not really looking for a ‘proper job’, this opportunity was too profound to ignore – it’s right on the frontline of addressing serious social problems and supporting people in real need, and they do that through a model that is strongly focussed on social enterprise, social impact and love (a topic I’ve been very passionate about over the last couple of years).

It has been an incredible pleasure and privilege to run Intentionality, to work with brilliant Board members and Associates, and to be inspired on a daily basis by fantastic social entrepreneurs and their enterprises. It is in part thanks to working alongside LEAP in Norwich, See Change Films, K10 and MyKindaFuture in London, Turtle Dove in Cambridge, Fair Ways in Southampton, and so many more inspiring, impactful organisations that I’ve kept thinking ‘I want to be doing what they’re doing’ over the last year or two.

While I recognise this is big news, it does not feel like a big goodbye and I’m very keen to see how I can keep collaborating, conversing, innovating, partnering and learning with as many of you as possible in my new role. SCT has a brilliant coffee shop called Paper & Cup, just off Shoreditch High Street, and I’ll happily meet you there for a latte and some ‘dreaming and scheming’ as one of my good friends calls it.

For now, I’ll retain this email address (steve@intentionality.co.uk) but you can also reach me on steve@stevecoles.co.uk for personal emails.  I’ll circulate new contact details in due course.

Should you require any help in impact measurement, cost benefit analysis, creating a Theory of Change, evaluating your project, creating an impact report or anything else, our website will continue to feature our amazing Associates and their contact details, or I’d be happy to connect you to any of them. Jess, Neil, Hannah, Amy, Tim, Adrian, Rachael, Steven, James and others have been brilliant to work with (largely because they are all far cleverer and more brilliant than I am) and many of them still offer their skills as freelance consultants.

Thanks for all your support, for your business, for inspiring me and I hope our paths cross again soon.

Have a very Happy Christmas.

Warm regards,


Impact Report for Hospital Broadcasting Association

Over the last six months, we’ve been working alongside Performance Consultancy who have been taking the lead on a project to evaluate and write an Impact Report for the Hospital Broadcasting Association.  The project is now complete and the report written.  You can find it here.

The study revealed that there was evidence of hospital radio stations having an impact on psychosocial health outcomes in the following ways:

  • Boredom reduced by entertainment Loneliness reduced by social interaction
  • Anxiousness / frustration  reduced by being calming and reassuring
  • Disorientation reduced by creating a sense of belonging
  • Depersonalisation reduced by making one feel like an individual
  • Health and wellbeing awareness increased by providing information

Intentionality was particularly involved in advising on the impact of hospital radio on well-being, on the measurement of well-being and on the financial proxies used to quantify some of the outcomes in monetary terms.

Thanks to Dr Jenny Thomas for leading the project so very well and we hope we get to work together again in the future.

£1m of Love Video – Hannah Bellamy

Our report into how to create the greatest amount of love with £1 million is available via our ‘Love’ page here…  For a snap shot of some the brilliant input and ideas, here’s another short video of the discussion at our roundtable event, this time from Hannah Bellamy, CEO of United Way UK:

£1m of Love Video – Tommy Hutchinson

Our report into how to create the greatest amount of love with £1 million will be released soon… For now, here’s another taster of the discussion at our roundtable event, this time from Tommy Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of i-genius, who shares his thoughts on the amazing intergenerational connections that can be made over food:


£1m of Love Video – Dan Lehner

Our report into how to create the greatest amount of love with £1 million is now with our designer and so is in the final stages… For now, here’s another taster of the discussion at our roundtable event, this time from Dan Lehner, Chief Product Officer at Oomph!: