'Hackers' in action

Hack for Social Impact

Last Saturday (22nd February), Steve took part in a weekend-long ‘hackathon’ event run by Rewired State on behalf of the Cabinet Office, in which 10 or so developers were challenged to come up with something to help capture and communicate social impact to consumers and social investors.

Armed with lots of coffee and croissants, plenty of Macbooks and no shortage of creativity and experience, the developers were briefed about the project from Debbie at Rewired State, Polly at the Cabinet Office and Ed of Kwame Corp (which developed the OS for Fairphone – a really brilliant example of transparency of social impact).  Steve then spent 15 minutes introducing the concept of social impact measurement and some key elements, aims and benefits to provide the developers with food for thought.

We don’t yet know the outcome of the weekend, but will be watching www.rewiredstate.org with interest to see what emerged.  It could be brilliant.

(You can also check out this event on Twitter at #hacksocialimpact)