Intentionality concludes SYC contract

Over the last five months, Intentionality’s founder, Steve, has been working with the Surrey Youth Consortium (SYC) to build social and environmental impact measurement capacity. The contract concluded successfully last week, with a report and presentation to the Board.

Over the course of the project, 18 individuals from 8 different members organisations participated in a programme of stakeholder mapping, identifying outcome and impact measures, piloting an impact survey and Eco-Mapping the premises of one member organisation. Jenny Griffiths OBE, the Independent Chair of the Surrey Youth Consortium, says:

“As a Consortium of voluntary and community organisations, it is essential that we have embedded methods to measure the social impact of our services on young people. Steve has skilfully guided us through a well-devised work programme, walking alongside us every step of the way, demonstrating an authoritative grasp of knowledge in the field, relating very well to everyone – young people, youth workers and Board members alike. His material was always focused, easily understood and very well-presented. He also kick-started some work on eco-mapping our premises, which was welcomed as being easy to comprehend and execute. We hope Steve will be able to work with us again before too long. He is exceptional value for money – and we love his values.”