Intentionality Roundtable – 25th June 2015

“If you had a million pounds how would you create the greatest amount of love?”

This is the topic for discussion at Intentionality’s upcoming roundtable taking place at the RSA on Thursday 25th June. Chaired by social enterprise blogger David Floyd, a mix of social entrepreneurs, social investors and other experts will be gathering to explore this question and share their own ideas. The event will be filmed and written into a free online report.

Back in the summlove-reporter of 2014, we asked ‘Social Enterprise – What’s love got to do with it?’ and published a report sharing our research into the role of love within social enterprises. Next week’s event builds on that report and aims to be both inspirational and entrepreneurial.

Our hypothesis was that:

Love is the reason (or, at least, part of the reason) why social entrepreneurs do what they do and is pivotal to (or, at least, part of) their method; love dictates how they do it. It’s love that means social enterprises want to make the biggest possible, positive difference to the well-being of individuals and communities. That love is the glue that holds friendships, relationships, social circles and communities together, contributing significantly to well-being.

In our research we found that the social entrepreneurs we interviewed, while operating in different ‘industries’ with different objectives and working with different beneficiary groups, shared strong feelings that provoked a passion within them to help others and to take action. Their impact – the difference they make in the world – often came out of a culture of and commitment to core values that one might associate as aspects of love, such as care, compassion, inclusion, safety, grace, trust or kindness.

The report was well received by the social enterprise community and has currently had over 220 downloads. It was clear there was an appetite to develop our research further.

As a result we decided to take a look more specifically at how social entrepreneurs and social enterprises turn love into action to increase wellbeing.

We have asked each roundtable participant (invitees include Dan Lehner from Oomph, Dr. Russell Rook from Chapel St, Rachel Schon formerly at the Young Foundation, Duncan MacLean from LankellyChase, Hannah Bellamy from United Way UK, and Stefan vanMaaren from ClearlySo) to share their thoughts on how they would spend the one million pounds to make the biggest impact, why they would spend it in this way, how they would make it sustainable and how they would measure the love they created.

We’re looking forward to sharing the ideas generated from the roundtable discussion in the next few weeks. Check our website and Twitter (@intentionality_) for updates.