Love Actually Is All Around (2)

Love actually is all around it seems, and continuing our series on the subject of love, I spotted a very interesting mention that has stuck in my mind since.

In mid-June, writer and environmentalist George Monbiot, wrote a piece for the Guardian entitled ‘Why we fight for the living world: it’s about love, and it’s time we said so.’  You’ve spotted it already… ‘it’s about love’.

I’ve been captivated for some time by Monbiot’s compelling argument for ‘rewilding’ since reading his manifesto for rewilding here and I’m most of the way through his book ‘Feral’, which is inspiring and challenging also.  His argument for fighting for the living world – for rewilding – is that ‘we care [about the world and about nature] because we love. Nature appealed to our hearts, when we were children, long before it appealed to our heads, let alone our pockets. Yet we seem to believe we can persuade people to change their lives through the cold, mechanical power of reason, supported by statistics’.  He then turns to the encyclical written by Pope Francis in June 2015, summarising part of his plea that ‘not only the physical survival of the poor, but also our spiritual welfare depends on the protection of the natural world’.

I encourage you to read one or both of Monbiot’s articles – they’re both quite moving and stimulate the imagination greatly.

And as for our ‘million pounds of love’ project, perhaps some of that (as yet hypothetical) million pounds should be spent on some land for rewilding, for reconnecting with nature, for being lost in something big and beautiful, and for playing some part in fighting for the living world.