Example Impact Reports

Active Minds

Active Minds social impact report 2013

A great example of a second impact report by Big Venture Challenge2 award winning social enterprise, Active Minds.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau social impact policy

An in-depth annual report from 2011-12 demonstrating the impact of the Citizens Advice Bureau in delivering services, directly helping people and through their campaigning.


HCT Group social impact report

The HCT Group are a social enterprise in the transport industry and have won awards for their excellent impact reporting. This is a good example of a well-designed impact report from 2011/12 which also captures the environmental impact HCT have made.

Timewise Foundation

Timewise Foundation social impact report

An example of a 40 page impact report by the social enterprise, Timewise Foundation, which includes an SROI analysis. Timewise are a Big Venture Challenge2 award winner.

Future First

Future First social impact report 12/13

A clear and creative impact report with learning and ambition built in. This report by Future First, a charity working to build alumni communities around state schools, is a good example of how to meet the best practice principles of impact reporting.

Accountability Lab

Accountability Lab Impact Report

Accountability Lab’s first ever Impact Report, developed with pro bono support from Intentionality.  A great example of listening to a wide range of stakeholders, of transparency and of impact measurement fuelling learning and improvement.

School for Social Entrepreneurs

School for Social Entrepreneurs: Impact

A great example of impact measurement and reporting by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, which gives key facts in an accessible fashion, with data collected over a long period of time.

Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust Social Impact Report

A useful explanantion on the Outward Bound Trust’s website of their aims and outcomes as well as an example of a good impact report.


Principles of Good Impact Reporting

Principles of Good Impact Reporting

This guide helps charities and social enterprises tell their own story of impact. It highlights the 6 general principles that define how organisations should communicate their impact and what should be included in a good impact report.

The SROI Guide

The SROI Guide

This is an update to the 2009 guide produced by the SROI Network. It explains the methodology of a Social Return on Investment and includes worked examples.

Measuring Well-Being

New Economics Foundation Guide to Measuring Well-Being

A really useful, really accessible guide to measuring well-being from the New Economics Foundation.  A vital resource for any organisation interested in measuring and maximising the well-being of their stakeholders.

The Good Analyst Guidelines

The Good Analyst Guidelines

These guidelines provide a walk-through of the key processes involved in creating an impact measurement system, and set out an outline for an impact report.

Other useful links

Global Value Exchange: An open source database of Values, Outcomes, Indicators and Stakeholders developed and managed by the SROI Network