Intentionality is passionate about helping social enterprises be better enterprises – and so provides the following services to social enterprises, social businesses and other third sector organisations, large and small.

  • Consultancy:  High quality business advice, best practice, marketing, business strategy, industry analysis, vision and values formation, and team-building
  • Support and Advice: Providing advice and expert opinion on matters relating to senior management and board-level decisions on strategy, performance and mission
  • Coaching and mentoring: Intentionality can provide coaching and mentoring to senior leaders, to start-ups and to young award-winning social entrepreneurs
  • Project management and interim management: With deep experience in managing projects and in the management of staff and processes, our team can step into various roles to temporarily cover gaps in staffing, periods of intensive need or to provide leadership while strategic decisions are made
  • Social Impact: Intentionality’s expert application of research in well-being and behavioural economics can significantly increase social impact and measure the social value created.

The benefits we provide to our clients include:

  • A greatly enhanced service provision
  • Increased sustainability of finances, resources and personnel
  • Greater clarity of expectations, vision and strategy
  • Support and advice
  • Increased social impact.

Social entrepreneurs are to be found in all sectors of our society – in business, in the voluntary sector, in the public sector; on the high street and in the boardroom and in ordinary living rooms up and down the country. They are difficult to define precisely because they are being entrepreneurial – and the moment you define and categorize entrepreneurship, it will shift shape and render your definition obsolete. If it works, it works, no matter how you’re defining it.

Lord Andrew Mawson, The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Work, p.164

Get in touch to find out more and to discuss your needs so that proposals can be tailor-made and your context and aspirations properly understood. Our approach to pricing is transparent and we’re committed to making our services accessible and affordable.