Social Saturday 2014

I’ll be buying chutney, how will you support the first Social Saturday?

What’s special about Saturday 13th September this year?

It’ll be the UK’s first ‘Social Saturday’ – a day to celebrate and buy from social enterprises – that’s what!

Both personally and professionally at Intentionality, I try to ensure that we buy as many supplies, services, gifts and other products from social enterprises, so that every purchase goes towards making a positive impact on individuals, communities and/or the environment.

The Social Saturday website has a very helpful online marketplace of 56 social enterprises at the time of writing, linking to a diverse range of products and services including baby clothes, beer and belts.

Steve on his bike from Bikeworks

Steve on his bike from Bikeworks

I’ve purchased products or services from 9 of the 56.  I’ve bought Divine Chocolate, From Babies With Love gifts for friends with babies, had drinks and lunches at Brigade, and purchased my bike from Bikeworks. I love my Elvis & Kresse belt, wallet and placemats, and I buy our gas and electricity from the Co-operative Energy.  I have also worked with, or indirectly tried, received, benefited from, eaten or used the products, services or venues of a further 11 social enterprises at least.  I’m a big fan of Miss Macaroon, Triodos Bank, Fairphone, Better and Pants to Poverty.  You should check them out.

My commitment to Social Saturday is to buy from at least two more social enterprises by the 13th September.  I quite fancy some chutney from Rubies to Rubble for a start… What will you buy?



To find out more, visit: or follow #socialsaturday on Twitter.