Update: Hack for Social Impact

Just a quick update on the results of the recent ‘Hack Social Impact’ event that Steve took part in. The hackathon was run by Rewired State on behalf of the Cabinet Office – check out our previous blog about the event to read more.

For those of you not sure what ‘hack days’ are, they provide an opportunity to get a bunch of developers together who experiment, improvise and create digital solutions to challenges and long-standing problems. At the end of the hack day the developers present their ideas and a winner is selected. We were particularly interested in this one as they were looking at how British consumers can measure the social footprint of a product or service they choose to buy or support.

We recently heard from Rewired State that they have produced a video of the ‘Hack Social Impact’ weekend to give an insight into the day. See if you can spot our own Steve giving an introduction to social impact.

The winning hack has also been announced, along with the other ideas and solutions that were created at the event. Harry Rickards and Vesko Vankov impressed the panel with their ‘Social Impact Investigator’ which provided a comparison of companies’ financial and social information. To find out more, check out Rewired’s website for an overview of all the projects, including the winner.

The next stage is a ‘modding day’ where prototypes are developed and modifications are made. We’ll keep you posted on the outcomes and hopefully we’ll see some exciting stuff to come out of this event in the future!